Climbing is the perfect sport for kids! It increases self-confidence, teaches trust and builds stronger, healthier bodies. Sportrock offers climbing programs for kids of all abilities. Your child’s next adventure starts here!

Climbing Parties

Looking for a special way to celebrate a birthday or milestone? Have your party at Sportrock! Our staff provides basic instruction, belaying and plenty of encouragement for all party participants. Climbing Parties are fun for children and adults of all ages and our staff will provide a unique experience you are sure to remember for years to come! Learn more by visiting our Climbing Party FAQ.

Kids’ Night

Take the evening to yourself and drop the kids off for ninety minutes of vertical excitement! Every Friday night Sportrock invites youth to join for an evening of climbing fun.

The Breakfast Club

Is your child interested in joining our Junior Climbing Team? The Breakfast club is a great way for youth to test the waters without the season long commitment!

Junior Climbing Team

Sportrock’s Junior Climbing Team is the place for cooperation, instruction, challenge and fun. Team members are given the opportunity to improve their climbing skills and technique in an instructional environment.


In need of a new badge? Sportrock offers a wide array of Scout classes that are all things climbing related. These classes are made available for both Boy Scouts of America, as well as Girl Scouts of America.


Sportrock offers overnight lock-ins! We have certified instructors that will teach you everything you need to know in order to climb at a Sportrock facility. Best of all, you can climb with your group from sunset to sunrise!


Sportrock’s Climbing Camps are a great way for your child to stay active, both mentally and physically, outside of the classroom. Whether it is a student holiday or summer break, come check us out!